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freedom or death machine gets stuff from biltwell

The fake oil tank we’re going to use as a secondary fuel tank arrived just as we asked, with flat sides! Dig the bars. They sent some board trackerish-style bars, too.

[UPDATE 02.29.12: it is apparent that elswick cycles are no longer in business. the sites who used to sell their products no longer do, their flakebook and blog pages haven’t been updated in a year, and i’ve heard a few stories from folks who purchased things to never see them arrive. i do not know what happened and i sincerely apologize to anybody who read great things about them here but were eventually ripped off. i know what that is like. what i got from them was great and it saddens me to see they disappeared. peace out, metric mofos.]

We also got our Biltwell Exhaust Kit. **** yeah! We’re making a tasty, high-running two-into-one with these pipes. The quality is great and at 1.75″, they will be the perfect diameter for low to mid-range power. The kit is only $165, and you can get one by clicking here.

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