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friday’s post of cool stuff #48: late edition | freedom or death!

1974 honda cb360t for sale | $995

my friend shoe at hotshoe customs has this sweet 1974-75 honda cb360 for a mere $995. it’s got brand new tires, tubes, fresh carbs, coated tank, a new spare clutch cable and chain. no body damage. spring is coming and this is a steal. chop the signals, put clip-ons or a drag bar on it, add one of those old school cafe fairings, maybe remove or chop the front fender, put on a little rear stop light and for another two or three hundred bucks you’ve got a killer little cafe to impress the young chicks at the pub…. or young gentlemen. babes read this web mag, too! and maybe even gay people. what do i care? all i know is shoe is honest and cool and you’ll get exactly what you expect.

+ + +

now i must go to where you might suspect i would, to what has happened in egypt. i have to be honest, folks, i’m crying as i write this. i am so emotionally attached to the concept of liberty and freedom that i cannot pretend i have not been moved deeply by a people who only had one thing going for them: the internet.

i do not know how much attention you paid to what happened in egypt in a mere 18 days but a people who were not armed were able to overthrow a 30-year old dictatorship that had essentially stayed in power by enforcing martial law for decades, often by torturing and killing anybody they felt wasn’t in line. the state police were known crooks who did these things at will. they demanded bribes from anybody, were often drug dealers, black market operators, and more. i do not write this as a reactionary, they are facts you may research if you care to learn more about what the egyptian people had to overcome to overthrow their president.

if you click that link you will discover the moment that turned the people and gave rise to a successful revolution. “it is perhaps the first great insurrection against global systems.”

egyptian people win with internet revolution and fearlesnesshow they did this was through the internet. if you are a member of facebook, you can find a few egyptian pages with tens or hundreds of thousands of “friends” or “likes” that organized the protests that began on january 25th and toppled the government 18 days later. they have taken the longest step toward true democracy, but many steps, marches, protests and more lie ahead for their dream to come to fruition. i hope that you will all either pray or put a good thought out there for the egyptian people because it is more than president obama stated yesterday, that, “the people of egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard, and egypt will never be the same.” no sir, it will not. it is much more far-reaching than egypt, and you and your banker buddies know it.the world will never be the same.this is why i am weeping. forgive me for seeming frail but i could surely stand and kick some *** right now. i’m merely a passionate man who believes we can do the same here and thanks to egypt, i now have hope.no, i don’t think we need to start hurting bankers and politicians…. yet – i have the flu and am not drunk as i often am for friday’s post of cool stuff – but there is something we must take action on NOW:the “patriot” act.

i know at least 15% of you don’t like when i go into “politics,” and i have two things to say to you:1. this is about liberty. labeling what i write here as mere politics, as if it were merely “the art or science of government,” insults me greatly. freedom isn’t political. freedom is inalienable and can only be taken if you let it be. the “patriot” act has taken it from us, and we let it every f***ing year. i’ve had enough. it’s time to take it down.2. if you don’t like this, please get your motorcycle fix somewhere else. i am not here to cater to the emotionally, physically and spiritually weak. if things are that good for you, or you don’t care, then f**k off. you don’t belong here. go slumming somewhere else. thank you.

if you’re foreign and don’t give a s**t, you should. it’s most likely happening in your country, too. you hear me, london?the rest of you know i am here to help the little guy in the motorcycle biz and that starts with a metric revolution. i’ve written that the revolution is in inexpensive, relatively small-bore custom bobs, chops, trackers and cafes, but i am also concerned with a bigger one.that revolution, “the second american revolution,” begins by overturning the “patriot” act.i’m just a guy trying to make it. i can barely pay my bills. i’m not famous. i don’t own anything but a custom metric motorbike i don’t like yet, an old guitar, this computer, a dog and some furniture. i don’t own property. this site doesn’t bring in six figures worth of ad dollars but i am betting my life that soon it will bring enough so i don’t have to go get another job for some ******* who got lucky or had it given to him and who i’ll curse out and/or punch later. i have everything to lose and it’s not much. everything you see and read on bikerMetric is important to me. it is to the small biz i promote. it is to the guy who comes for inspiration. it is to many who tell me to keep fighting, motherf***er!so here it is:

patriot blindsthe “patriot” act is what the bankers and corporations are using to drive down your wages, raise the prices on everything, ruin the planet that they might gain more power, and scare you into thinking you might be killed by a terrorist at any time. corporations – fronts for bankers – own all the media but the people own the internet. it is the “free press” our american founders loved so dearly. it is what started and organized the revolution in egypt and what can help us.

now you bikers, don’t you think you take more risk on your bobber than at a stadium or on an airplane?

me to douche in cop uniform: “quit searching me. quit touching me. quit telling me where to go and what to do. i know where i am going and the risk involved. you do not make me safe. you make things cost more because my taxes and tickets cover your ***, snitch. and you’re wasting my time. now f**k off and get away from me! and quit going through my luggage! ********!”

yes. i’m still sober.

this is why bikerMetric is independent. i say what i want and i’m calling you lazy f**ks out if you read this and do nothing about it. i’m calling you out if you scroll down to the sexy shot. f**k you, then. for the rest of you who give a s**t about the world and what coming generations are likely to inherit, watch this short video and i’ll tell you where you can go to do something about it. it was recorded by kentucky senator rand paul. he kicks ***.

the **** and killer custom metric motorcycles will still be there when you’re done. i promise.

the time you waste online drooling over **** and motorcycles and other **** isn’t going to matter when you realize federal police (fbi, cia, homeland security, secret service, irs, et al) can walk into your house without a warrant, take what they want, rape you and yours, and leave without concern because they haven’t broken the “law.” doh! the truth is that they can do that NOW and would probably only get in trouble for the rape part.to all citizens of the united states of america let me state emphatically:

YOU ARE NOT FREE!the “patriot” act negates six constitutional amendments:the 1st amendment which guarantees freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances,
the 4th amendment which guarantees freedom from unreasonable searches,
the 5th amendment which guarantees the right against self-incrimination and due process,
the 6th amendment which guarantees americans due process, the right to counsel, a speedy trial, and the right to a fair and public trial by an impartial jury,
the 8th amendment which guarantees us reasonable bail and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment,
and the 14th amendment which guarantees an equal protection guarantee for both citizens and non-citizens.

is that cool with you?if not, CLICK THIS LINK and spend one minute to let your government know you do not wish to extend the “patriot” act. as president obama intimated yesterday, when the people speak, they get what they want. so speak or be told to “shut up and do what you’re told.”lastly, the “patriot” act also violates article 1, section 9 of the constitution, which guarantees the right to petition the courts to issue a writ of habeas corpus. this “writ” requires the government to produce a prisoner or suspect to a court, with legal representation for the suspect being held, in order to determine the legality of holding him/her. only congress may order a suspension of the right of the habeas corpus, and then only in “cases of rebellion or invasion.”congress did not suspend this right, president bush did, and nothing during or after the 9.11 attack indicated either a rebellion or invasion was coming under terms of the constitution.there is much more, but that is enough for today. you better do something about it, and you better do something all the f***ing time. we’re being turned into slaves and there is not much more time before it will be too late.

“i believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies. if the american people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

-thomas jefferson

now back to the killer custom metric motorbikes and **** as i promised.

captain america | ride the machineno. no theme. it’s simply funny and cool and i just found it. it was supposed to be here tonight. visit ride the machine for different stuff like that any time.

leather corset bondage panties | photo by elizabeth winfreythe photographer of that shot is my ex-girlfriend. we’ve remained friends over the years and even work together sometimes when she hires me for freelance graphic design. she recently blew off the corporate world – seems a lot of people are doing that lately – and is taking her life-long photography experience and skills to start a new career. microsoft recently took a set of her nature shots and included them in new versions of windows 7 for a theme. right on, woman!elizabeth is based in houston and will be doing more “boudoir photogrpahy” in the next few weeks. hit her up for any professional photography needs you may have.what you see here is one of about 300 sexy pix taken in new orleans last weekend. yowza. since i’m trying to be relatively professional here and stay away from full frontal boobies, i thought this one was pretty cool. hope you mofos dig it. i’ll probably feature more of elizabeth’s work here soon, especially of the “babe” variety, and in much larger resolutions than this test image. i also know the model so it’s all good. it’s not like i get all her kinky stuff. it’s just what happens when you hang out in strip clubs. hooray for boobies and (overpriced) beer!she’ll have a website up soon with more of the photos that i’ll be sure to link to and support my friend. she’s the little guy now and we all know that’s what bikerMetric is all about.+ + +here are a couple of nice rides from the italian shop anvil. i love the hardcore, stripped-down simplicity of these bikes. you may have seen the cb750 around, but the other, a cb450, is new.

honda cb750 – settemmezzo wild | anvil

honda cb450 – quattroemmezzo ajk | anvil

honda cb450 – quattroemmezzo ajk – front & rear | anviland there you have it, motherf***ers. bM has 139 members today and i’ll be thanking all the noobs soon. some interesting folks have hooked up with us. let’s see if it’s still 139 tomorrow, or 120. ha!when i get the random email telling me to keep fighting, i do. when i get another saying the bikes i post, or even the not-quite-finished FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE is cool, i believe. there is only one industry in the world where i could get away with what i do here, so thank you all for coming by.

peace out.>>

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  1. freedom isn’t free when the stuffed shirts force this **** down our throats

  2. no. their version of freedom kinda tastes like ****, doesn’t it?

    i hope you clicked that link to the aclu and i hope everybody who reads this page does.

    it makes me angry that our sons and friends are dying in the mid-east to feed the military-industrial complex (another front for bankers). it isn’t about democracy or freedom or terrorism. it’s about making war because bankers win when there is war.

    “let me issue and control a nation’s money and i care not who writes the laws.” – mayer amschel rothschild, 1790

    “you are a den of vipers and thieves and i intend to rout you out, and by the eternal ***, i will rout you out. if congress has the right to issue paper money, it was given them to be used by themselves, and not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” – andrew jackson’s address to congress, 1829

    the continual erosion of our liberties must end now. stopping certain provisions of the “patriot” act is only a beginning. the whole act must be repealed.

    then we must end corporate donations to politicians, allow for at least two more political parties to gain access to televised debates, and then, to truly be free (re-read the jefferson quote) we MUST abolish the “federal” reserve…

    the word “federal” is obfuscation. this is the nicest thing you will read about the fed: http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/who_owns_the_federal_reserve_bank.html.

    the fed must die. they are private bankers who control our government, and us.

    interesting quotes: http://newsmiths.blogspot.com/2008/11/us-federal-reserve-banking-banker.html

  3. Trent I just found this article pertaining to motorcycle check points in GA. Check it out.
    “Walk Like An Egyptian”

  4. yep I clicked and put my p.o. box address and real phone number…

  5. thanks, c.

    the only way to let government know we’ve had enough is to tell them. i only gave my name and email, but that’s just me. names; that’s what they need. hundreds of thousands of names saying “**** NO!”

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