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borile b500 ricki and b450 scrambler

Borile B500 Ricki
From the land of beautiful cars and fast women: Borile.it
Written and directed by Happy G.
Although I have yet to actually swing a leg over one of these Italian motorcycles, I feel that even just by surfing their site and doing research on the brand I have managed to get one step closer to the Borile experience.
Like all things Italian the brand Borile was forged first by passion, with a dash of emotion and a touch of style for good measure. Founder Umberto Borile created the brand in 1988, and the bikes he created each are testaments to the winding countryside roads in and around the town of Vò Euganeo where the company first settled its roots.
Here is our initial brief take of each model Borile offers.

The Flagship: B500 Ricki
Through time we have seen how strong emotions and passion can create visions of wonder and beauty. Like the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo, the B500Ricki is an amazing Italian work of craftsmanship and detail. With a very limited world-wide production of only 20 units we are guess that the asking price of €16,516 is reasonable as it will likely hold its value, if not increase in the hands of a good caretaker.
This model has a special place in the heart of the brand’s founder as he commissioned its creation in memory of his son who passed away in 2009 at the young age of 20. Designed and built as a speedway competition motorcycle the B500Ricki breathes fuel through carburetors while the stopping duties are left to front and rear disk brakes.  A Norton transmission houses the bike’s 4 gears that are linked to a dry clutch. The frame was built to maximize rigidity and stiffness to handle the brutal beating of speedway racing – while still engineered to be as light as possible.
Borile B500 Ricki
The good rugged looks of this bike are thanks to the aluminum gas tank and fenders that remain unpainted to show the beauty of the raw metal. What really catches my eye is the retro motocross-style side number plate, meaty tires, thin wheels and beefy front forks protected by rubber dust boots.
The New Kid: B450 Scrambler
Slated for release sometime soon, this minimalist single-cylinder stunner is aimed as an on/off-road bike. Capable of handling any terrain, it will be up to your back to determine when you should seek smoother road surfaces as this scrambler has shorter travel front and rear suspension than you might initial suspect.
Borile B450 Scrambler
Disk brakes front and back again are given the task of bringing you safely to a stop while the easy-reach bars and thick padded seat look like they can get you there in comfort and with minimal fatigue (as long as your back hasn’t called it a day). A big headlight looks like it would be very functional, and tall dorky mirrors look like they would be the first things to go. Bare metal again helps add to the charm of this mount, and wire wheels keep this bike light and nimble. With the MSRP for the B450 Scrambler at €12,342 Triumph’s Scrambler is looking much more affordable, and easier to service too.

Stay tuned for our thoughts on more Borile motorcycles, and while you wait, let us know what you think in the comments section below!See also:

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