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borile multiuso

From the land of beautiful cars and fast women: Borile.it
Written and directed by Happy G.

Although I have yet to actually swing a leg over one of these Italian motorcycles, I feel that even just by surfing their site and doing research on the brand I have managed to get one step closer to the Borile experience. Like all things Italian the brand Borile was forged first by passion, with a dash of emotion and a touch of style for good measure. Founder Umberto Borile created the brand in 1988, and the bikes he created each are testaments to the winding countryside roads in and around the town of Vò Euganeo where the company first settled its roots. 

This is our First Impressions of the Borile Multiuso, which we’ve dubbed, The Ugly Cousin.


Italy is known for its beautiful landscape, prize winning wine, breathtaking women and amazing artists but, just because it starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel doesn’t mean you’re going to like it. Case-in-point; the Fiat Multiplex. How a land that produces cars as wonderful as the Ferrari 458 Italia can also produce the blasphemous Fiat is truly beyond me. So in this example the motorcycle manufacturer Borile, who produce the wet-dreams on two wheels we have discussed up to now, must also make an eye-sore. And indeed they do; its name is the Multiuso.

Borile Multiuso

A fair warning should have come to us from its name which sounds suspiciously similar to the horrendous Fiat. Okay now I’ll attempt to tell you a bit more about the bike without extreme judgment. Actually once you get passed the disgusting headlights and look at this bike’s stats its actually relatively impressive: 88MPG, 230cc 2-valve 4-stroke, 188lbs(!?!), kick-start, wet multi-plate clutch, 5-speed transmission, Marzocchi forks and the light alloy frame actually houses the bikes 4.2 liter fuel capacity and air box!

With a multitude of luggage carrying options, big useful headlights and amazing agility this beastly bike could prove to be extremely practical. Above all what I like best is the seating position. The wisely placed the rider in a comfortable position just above the engine and between the wheels. Where is gets very brilliant is how they purposely engineered the handlebars to be in front of the operator with his or her head facing forward – with very little of the ugly bike in plain sight. So, while it might still be embarrassing to be seen on one of these, you personally can’t actually see how ghastly it is while you ride.

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