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boatrap motorcycles tokyo

These dudes from Tokyo have it going on. bM’s Far East readers in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia ought to dig these.

wild w650 gooseneck chop | boatrap

honda ftr223 bobber | boatrap

yamaha sr400 bobber | boatrap

honda rebel brat | boatrap

colorful kawasaki w650 gooseneck chop | boatrap

Visit Boatrap Motorcycles for a ton of great pix. Use Google Translate to read it.

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  1. thats not a goosenecked triumph, its a kawasaki W650 which is very similar looking.
    its quite rare in the states and a very cool bike either way

  2. i make it a policy not to publish anonymous remarks because they’re usually very lame, but i appreciate this info. after checking boatrap’s website, i discovered that you were correct. i should have known by the size and placement of the primary and done a bit of research. i blame the beer.

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