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art for losers by classified moto

my friend/dude who tolerates me, john ryland at classified moto, is more than a fab motorbike builder, he’s a *** designer and he creates of all sorts of things. as a *** designer myself (and a poser!), i dig his work.

first is a pic of his in-progress yamaha virago streetfighter:

virago streetfighter | classified moto

he says that’s the last you’re going to see of it until he puts old firestone rubbers on it and a wassel tank to be unveiled at quail lodge. or was that at some dudes pigeon roost? if forgot. anyway, it’s sure to be raw in the right way and cool in the rest.

you’ve seen this before but it’s cool

to check out other things you don’t really need but really like because it would make your lonely basement bedroom in your mommy’s home a little more comfortable, visit classified moto’s online store and get yourself something few possess.

3d drunk glasses view of babe stealing your bike | classified moto

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