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after hours choppers aluminum parts deal

Dudes, our man Gabe at After Hours Choppers is discontinuing his 7/8″ aluminum risers and to get rid of his stock, he’s putting cheap packages together for bM readers. Dig these 100% aluminum deals:

+ 7/8″ shorty risers plus titmouse brake light = $200
+ 7/8″ 3″ risers plus titmouse brake light = $210
+ 7/8″ flat track risers (the FREEDOM OR DEATH Machine favorite) plus titmouse brake light = $230 ($90 savings)

Go to Gabe’s website to discover these great deals that will save you up to a whopping 28% on killer custom aluminum chopper and bobber parts. Here’s a look at what he’s got ready to ship to you now:

awesome aluminum deal | after hours choppers

Gabe will polish the whole setup; risers, filter and light for fifty bucks. Shiny sh*t rhymes with chick, frick, **** and an eye poked by a stick.

All these prices include free shipping within the continental United States.  Email inquires with boobie pix of native Hawaiian chicks get free shipping in a package shaped as an old-school atomic bomb.

after hours choppers suicide tank

If you haven’t already, visit After Hours and snap ’em up to get the lightweight edge and strength of solid aluminum on your custom metric chopper, bobber or cafe racer. Bastards.


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