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a sure fire way to never get laid again

But the guys at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con will think you’re cooler than Kirk. Why? Because you can own your very own Tron Lightcycle!

tron lightcycle

The new Tron movie hits theaters in December and nerds worldwide anticipate the Lightcycle sequence to be the hit of the flick. Parker Brothers is building five custom one-off Lightcycles to the exact specs of the movie bikes. Each bike will be black with an accent color of red, blue, yellow, green, or orange. These will be the only running versions to exist.

The bikes have custom made 22″ x 12″ dual hubless wheels (steer with your ***, fatso!) with custom made tires. The frame is 2-inch cold rolled and hardened steel with carbon fiber and fiberglass bodies. Accent colors are neon glowing from behind frosted Plexiglass and can be turned off with the flip of a switch, in case you don’t want to look like such a ****** if you buy it and have the ability to ride it.

Parker Bros. swears that these Lightcycles are being built for “everyday street use” and each bike will come with a manufacturer’s build sheet and a certificate of title and unique VIN with purchase. You can choose between a “high-powered electric motor” or a “high performance gasoline motor and transmission.”

tron light cycle

To find out more, and to place your bid, visit eBay [UPDATE 07.01.12: SOLD] and compete with a handful of millionaire geeks for your chance to be the envy of every 12 year old boy in the world! Roll up on your high school reunion in style! Show those **** at the biker bar who’s Daddy! And so forth.


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  1. Is it possible to fit in this bike if one has got a beerbelly??

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