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a machine does not have a soul…

...said jim henson the muppet man in 1963:

ah! but he was being sarcastic!

take that all you “*** bikes have no soul” harley/triumph **** cheek spreaders.

if a soul is as defined, “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life,” then machines do indeed have souls. just as humankind was allegedly given a soul by ***, why do the metric motorbikes we build have none? does not a symbiotic transfer occur from our hearts and minds, by our words, through our hands, into our creations?

are we not created in the image of *** with the ability to share that ethereal essence that seems to have been created the moment the universe was born?

what we are and what exists is more than what we sense. this dimension limits our understanding.

also, dogs have souls.

more information about the history of this video can be found on boing boing.

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