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2010 dirtbag challenge and f***ing new guys

I really need to make it back to The City for next year’s event.

The Dirtbag Challenge rules are simple and you’d think I first wrote them:
1. Build your bike for under $1,000 total, including the donor machine.
2. Build your bike in 30 days or less.
3. Metric only, no Harley bikes.

They’re making a movie about the event, it’s founders, and the growing “dirtbag” scene:

And to think someone once told me this site was nothing but “swap meet sh*t,” or was it “garage sale ****?” That may be so, but I knew years ago cheap metric bobbers and choppers was what was happening, it still is, and it will be. Raise your hands or comment below with a nice “f**k you, Trent,” if you’ve got fifty grand for a custom right now.

Thought so.

As the economy continues to suck (best to stop thinking it’s ever going to get better – they want to lower your standard of living), cheap, simple, easily repaired, and economical to use motorbikes are where it’s at if you want something “custom.” By the looks of it, you can get pretty radical for only a grand, too.

Now for the noobs.

In the past ten days, five more folks are “following” bikerMetric. Nice.

Our friend from our old site, Владимир Путин (Vladimir Putin) found us again. This is where I make another joke about the KGB and doing what you’re told. Thanks for coming back, man.

Next FNG is Rusty Knuckles. Rusty is “a music label for characters that thrive on the fringe.” Interesting. I’m doing this right? No way. I need to make more enemies!

Then jbrd403 signed up for a future cot in a FEMA internment camp. Unless he’s Canadian, which I suspect. Then he’ll simply be free.

moto panic, on the other hand, might be a slave to the evil corporate aristocracy that is our government. I’m sorry, man. Get a pistol and learn how to use it.

Lastly but not leastly, Stonehead laid down the gauntlet and clicked for doom. I figure he’s all right with that, being a member of the Hellbillies MC.

Thanks for all the support, everybody. Here’s one last shot from the Dirtbag party. I don’t suppose this ride was an entry, it’s just cool.

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  1. Fifty grand? ****. I don’t think I’d be shooting my mouth off if I had fifty grand to blow these days.

    Never had fifty grand free and clear myself. Five grand once but I had to save like a ************. Laughing now? We’ll see… I like living poor. Less to worry about. You’d probably be whining cause you were outta nut powder. Har.

    I build **** other guys pass on, yet I double my money, have a blast doing it and make folks smile when they ride off. Yeah I put in $300 and get $600, but you 50K boys can’t even sell yours. See? I was already laughing at you.

  2. hey! my nuts are HUGE. i need the powder to keep a fire from starting.

    ever smelled burning pubic hair? it isn’t pleasant.

  3. Well **** me. That didn’t come out quite right. Miller time ran right through the weekend again. ****. What the **** else did I get up to?

    Never said I hadn’t been accused on occasion of being a fool, idiot, ****, dope, buffoon, jerk, *******, *******, ***** and obnoxious to boot. Don’t smell none too good either, so I been told.

    No offense meant there Trent. I got a feeling heckling you would go about the same as taking a shot a Don Rickles. Maybe worse.

    Hopefully the point, albeit from a drunken and raving lunatic, was taken regardless.

  4. man. you and me, we’re always good, ole. i can tell when it’s “one of those comments” because i’ve been laying them down for years all over. comments like yours make me laugh because we think we’re such sarcastic geniuses when we write them and when we wake we kinda feel sorry for people.

    thank *** i wear drunken sarcasm repellent clothing. it costs a little extra but the clean smell is worth it.

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