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1975 kawasaki kz 400 tracker by mad crow

Alex from el Diablo emailed today with some photos of a clean Kawasaki KZ400 street tracker. He wrote that maybe I could “show the bike in your bikerMetric kick *** website! Yeah!”

That’s “F**k Yeah” to you, Alex!

1975 kawasaki kz400 tracker | mad crow garage

This custom Kawasaki motorbike was built by his buds at Mad Crow Garage. There are some tasty details you can see by visiting this page.

Here’s a short list of build elements:

+  Original gas tank with purty devil tail
+  Original Kawasaki handlebars
+  5″ Triumph fender
+  Megaton exhaust
+  Drilled East Eagle tail light
+  Paint by Mad Crow Garage, Welok Studio and Rocket 88 Hot Rod Speed Shop
+  Agricultural something-or-other headlamp

kz400 tracker headlamp detail | mad crow garage

Very nice. Thanks for the photos, Alex. Painted rims are always cool. Looking forward to el Diablo issue #13. Until then, have a beer for me.


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