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v4 diesel motor concept motorcycle

It’s called the Metalback:

According to the designer of this concept motorbike, Jordan Meadows, the motorcycle market is devoid of products which have been designed for sustainability while offering style and uniqueness for the enthusiast. So he created a V4 biodiesel motorbike.

The original diesel motor first ran on peanut oil at an exhibition in Paris in 1900. The diesel was made to run on biofuel, not petroleum like modern diesel motors do today. *** bless the oil companies for turning a clean motor into a soot-spewing, cancerous polluter, though. Bet they got a lot more money off that idea in the past century.

Additionally, diesel contains approximately 147,000 BTUs of energy, while a gallon of gasoline only has 125,000 BTUs. It takes more gas to equal the power output of diesel, making diesel engines more efficient. When it comes to miles per gallon, diesel motors often get at least 30% more mpg than a similarly-sized gasoline motor.

To go with the designer’s desire for an eco-friendly solution, he envisions the frame as being crafted from recycled aluminum, saving weight (isn’t that what bobbers are all about?) while “reclaiming pre-used material.” I’ll have to drink more beer from a can now.

The Metalback is just a concept in a computer, but it may be an idea worth investigating and building.

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  1. Wow. A diesel motor in a cycle? Guess it’ll have torque!

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