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radical scooter chopper thingy by afs taiwan

this bike has been floating around for a few days on facebook and it took a while to get some decent images of it.

redman 59 | afs custom

it’s another by the “harmful drug den” at afs custom from taiwan, a company that was first profiled on bikerMetric in december, 2009.

this bike is called the redman 59 and was made from a sym 90 scooter, seemingly a taiwanese knockoff of a honda c90, that has been radically re-imagined.

radical scooter seat and fender | afs custom, taiwan

these guys do some killer stuff and this little machine is no different. as these photos attest, from the girder forks and frame work to the seat, fender, exhaust and handlebars, there is not much left of the original scooter.

redman 59 scoot-a-chop-a-bob | afs custom

there are a lot of photos of the build, from the first pic of the donor to a lot of additional detail pix of the completed machine, on this page from the afs blog.

sym90 scooter-chopper | afs custom, taiwan

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  1. realy cool build &n lotz of very nice details, the frame mods, tank seat frame shield, very well done metal work and i say it again very cool litle bike.. thumps up and greats from denmark

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