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new falcon black vincent motorcycle photos and…


you read it right, mofos. i have an in-depth interview with ian and amaryllis from falcon motorcycles coming at you. i suggest you brush your face and wash your teeth afterward or call a **** producer.

you’ve read my interviews. they have nothing on this one. you all have questions. i asked them and have the answers. it took six months, mofos. it was trust hard fought for and i’m excited to meet them in september. don’t think it’s a puff piece, either. that’s why it took six months.

now, you might believe i am full of s**t. i am ’cause i usually **** in the morning and it’s past midnight, but that isn’t the point. unless i squeeze just right. anyway, here is your proof:

what the **** is RUSTYMETRIC and who the f**k is lance dawes? and how come i haven’t seen this picture somewhere else online by now?

lance is a kicka** photographer. RUSTYMETRIC is the online magazine my partner rusty knuckles and i will be launching soon to freak you out. and you haven’t seen that pic because lance is our man and falcon gave him entrance into their magical realm.

it’s exclusive. as is everything you will soon find on RUSTYMETRIC.

the dns servers will be working tomorrow. not now. now is me telling you my world domination scheme is one step closer to, um… WORLD DOMINATION!

in addition to the incredibly revealing interview with the folks at falcon, there are other columns filled with such things that you cannot imagine and all of it is coming in the first issue of RUSTYMETRIC. the best part is that we’re doing it digital, not in print. finger that out and save a tree, your money, and take your laptop to the can more often.

the pix will also be in color. that falcon black – jesus forgive my soul and let me live – is coming full blast. in person, it is not something you can understand until you are there in the room, looking at it up close, touching the machine and it’s infinite custom fabs on it saying “i haven’t had that much to drink, come on…”

let me ride it!

now, pretend you are a man. look in the mirror, then look back at bikerMetric, then back in the mirror. bikerMetric is only a facade for an evil world domination scheme. it smells like a man on a motorcycle. diving into a pool. eating cheese from a pitchfork. boinking your woman because you’re too busy looking at bikerMetric

[UPDATE 06.14.11]
rustymetric did not work out. we had a great first issue but it was released two months after this post when it was supposed to be done within the week. that it the #1 reason i find it difficult to work with others; they make promises they often do not live up to. i had the content and waited for the “designer” to create the purty pictures.

regardless, you can read the interview with ian and amaryllis here, as well as robbie robinson’s mad punk rock motorcycle builder story, hugh’s first techTip about re-phasing your xs650, and more, hidden in the pages of bikerMetric.

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  1. so this website is gonna cease to the new wordpress one? looking forward to the interview!

  2. yes, i am sticking it up half of blogger’s ***. been searching for their whole *** for months, but everything i can find about blogger is half-assed. bM on wordpress is coming soon.

    then we’ll launch RUSTYMETRIC magazine with the interview and some golden nuggets such as “the crazy garage bike builder,” technical tips for building your custom, my rant on the current condition of the motorcycle industry, some cool stuff from parts to beer and where to get them, a socio-political essay, an interview with a band and probably one with a hot rod builder and/or drag racer, and a lot more.

    all the photos are done by pros like lance so none of my “smart phone” pix will be appearing. we’re going for high quality at a working man’s price. there will also be fewer f-bombs as i’ve done most of my writing sober.

    thanks for your interest, emmet!

  3. WordPress is a great move, independently owned and run so it suits the BikerMetric style far better than Blogger (I think). Can you transfer all your Blogger content to WordPress?

  4. we’re trying, james. whew…. it’s what is holding this thing back. blogger/youtube/picassa (all google entities) doesn’t like letting things go, even if they don’t own them.

    thanks for your support, man. loved your steel hawk post today: http://silodrome.com/steel-hawk-by-shadow-hawk-vehicles/

  5. Great looking ride and imaging – all the best on the move -;0)

  6. thanks, john. great photography. check out john’s site at adamsviewsimaging.blogspot.com, folks.

  7. Awesome!!! where do I get a copy of the premire issue???????

  8. keep visiting bikerMetric or check RUSTYMETRIC.com regularly, shep. thanks for your interest, man.

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