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metric chopper and new poll

Hey guys, I need your help. There is a poll at the top-right that I need your opinions on.

Between my temporary gimpyness, all the work to finish the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE and promoting the FREEDOM or DEATH Motorbike Bash, plus the constant work I do to provide you lovely f***ing bastards with informative and one-of-a-kind content, I find myself lacking the time needed to re-post 250 posts to the new website I designed months ago.

Meanwhile, this blog has grown so much since I became your mad editor that there is – miraculously – a little buzz about the machine Jeff is “building” with all the donated parts we’ve received and the party we’re throwing with Bandit’s help on the 11th. It’s become a concern that the site is still just a blog, and not the robust website I just don’t have time to fill with old content right now.

B**ch and moan. Okay, the point is do you want a fancy-looking site with only 30 days worth of content, or should I just push a few buttons and move this blog as-is to a new .com and worry about the design when things settle down a bit?

Please vote for either above. Thanks!

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