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killer bobberish kawasaki kz750 monstrosity by 13 lucky monkey

bikerMetric profiled bikes built by the dudes at lucky monkey last spring, and ever since i’ve visited their blog waiting for another crazy creation to come out from their hannibal lecter-possessed hands. yesterday, it did:

what the **** is it? a bobber? a chopper? a cafe? i’d seen a pic or two of the bike in the past few weeks, but nothing i’d post until these great photos appeared on their site, snapped by ben of blacksheep manila.

the website does not say much about the build but it looks like a 1978 kawasaki kz750 inline twin (okay, the boys wrote me. i thought it was a z750b), which is a pretty big bore bike for dudes in the philippines to find and play on. i imagine finding parts was a difficult task.

therefore, much was fabricated in-house, including the tank, which started as an old triumph fender with lucky monkey-designed brass amulets.

other fabs include relocating the brake master cylinder to the left fork, and an old leather jacket and another fender to form the bullet-style cafe seat.

the builder/owner is noli coronado and he calls his bad baby “elvira,” named after his grandma, who gave him his first bike when he was four.

just when you thought i was going to show a photo of great cleavage….

the build took two and a half years to complete (the difficult-to-find-parts part?) and it’s still considered a work in progress, “like all our bikes” where “form triumphs over function” because elvira has to stop for gas relatively often due to her small fuel tank.

is that a spring above the right side of the swingarm? wonder how long that lasts…. who cares! i love this flea market s**t! the spring is actually a rock shox mountain bike spring – some of those have tolerances over 800 lbs. – that was made into an interesting monoshock setup. the front end is stock and the handlebars are height-adjustable via allen screws fabbed in-house.

i really dig what these guys rock. lucky monkey bikes are raw as road rash and cool as a dead rock star.

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  1. always love noli’s work specially the one with the girder front end.

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