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honda nx650 scrambler | kiddo motors

you may know i am not a big fan of the scrambler/tracker thing, but i understand their purpose and can definitely see a time i’ll have or need one of these bikes.

honda nx650 scrambler | kiddo motors
honda nx650 scrambler - front | kiddo motors

even so, i like this bike. it’s an honda nx650 scrambler built by the guys at kiddo motors. i found it at motographite.

nx650 scrambler | kiddo motors
honda nx650 scrambler - rear | kiddo motors

there are some nice details on this ride, and there are more pix on both those websites i linked to above. check them out, metric mofos.

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  1. I’m not much of a enduro/scrambler guy either. When it comes to building and choppin bikes there’s not much fab work to one of these bikes unlike choppers.

  2. Not a big fan of scrambler/tracker/thingummies either. But this one seems well made for multi-terrain situations and even street legal: Much better if you’ve got that ace up your sleeve.

  3. true, both of you. what this one has that many custom “scramblers” don’t seem to possess is a gnarly suspension that will actually cross a mountain with you.

    it’s the first one in this style i’ve seen that made me think “wow, that would be a lot of fun!”

  4. it’s a dirt monger. i’d add some kind of headlight cowl i’ll save for when i am a hated builder of **** i told you was cool before it was.

    lower the bars. leaning forward, using your back and less work on your arms, you have more control over the machine.

    i disagree with the stand straight bullshit. ride hard in an aggressive possession. they’re after you…

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