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My brother Brandon found these pix on a disc owned by his dad (my step-dad). I remember the day we took photos with the new Mustang in SoCal.

The bottom pic was taken at the family hacienda in Mazatlan. It was haunted by nasty poltergeists that used to throw dishes, scream, and once lifted me to the ceiling. Mama Chuy had a gold Lab named “Pollo” because he was afraid to go out in the back yard. A few years ago a treasure box with old Spanish coins and loose gems was found out there after a flood. Then there was a fire. Now the ghosts are gone.

My sister and Mama Chuy are gone, too, but we stole part of their souls to remember them by:

trent, sarah, raul and the mach 1

sarah, brandon, irene, trent, mama chuy

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