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get in front of 25,000+ unique readers for ten bucks

Things are tight. You want to get your products out in front of faces but all the magazines charge hundreds of bucks for a half-page and and you’re a s**tty graphic desinger.

All the popular websites charge almost as much.

bikerMetric has the independent working man’s solution.


For the small budget, bikerMetric has space for four 125 x 125 banners that will be displayed for 30 days in a group in the middle-right of all pages. Your banner will link to your blog or website for only 33 cents a day.

This is $10 special lasts until February 1, 2011.

I will design the banner if requested at no charge. In 30 days your ad will be seen by 35,000 viewers on every page and we had over 127,000 pageviews last month.

You will also receive a post with photos and info about your products and/or company that will remain on the main page for 2-3 days. Approximately 3,300 readers will see it in that time. It will eventually go back into the second and third pages. bM stats indicate that the average reader goes through almost three pages, which means in the first week 10,000 total readers will see your post. In 30 days, over 25,000 unique viewers will see your banner ad five times or more (125,000 pageviews plus).

Every penny you spend will give you at least 125 impressions. Try beating that with Google AdWords. Try beating that anywhere. You can’t.

You’ll also be developing and strengthening your brand because nothing promoted on bikerMetric is **** and my readers know it.

email trent at bikerMetric.com to get started.

For those seeking a larger presence, I have a few more options:

Get the best of bikerMetric directly in your inbox, once a week, every week.

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