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get a FREE chain tensioner from monster craftsman

All right guys. Leave a comment to this post and Jon at Monster Craftsman will enter you in a drawing to win a free chain tensioner. Any tensioner. Sprocket or skate wheel. Bolt on or weld.

One-word comments won’t work. Please leave a legible sentence with your email about why you need a chain tensioner.

Monster Craftsman tensioners automatically adjust while you ride thanks to a very powerful torsion spring. The tensioners are made to fit numerous chain sizes besides the standard 530. Check the video below to see how it works.

Jon will choose a winner and shoot them an e-mail on October 1. Good luck!

Visit monstercraftsman.com to see all the killer stuff Jon makes and sells, you lovely bastards.


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  1. Well ****…. I’ll ask… I have an 75 cb550 that I had sent out to have hardtailed… Looks like a real beauty… I spent all my dough on the work and shipping… only to find out ( new to stretched frames…that the chain will slap. Now I need a chain tensioner. that’s my sad story.


  2. I need one because i’m tired of making them myself.
    trent is this some sort of ploy for more comments????


    keep it up

  3. Actually Mr. Helrich,

    I wanted to give you one anyway to put on one of your builds with a decent photo sequence if you are interested.


  4. bummer im too late…i need one because my 94 sporty hardtail chewed up a battery box and my electrical box

  5. My dad used one on his project and it works awsome and now I need one for my XS project.

  6. my LS650 short chop from voodoo vintage is slowly eating its way through the electrical tank. Really kills the life span of the chain!

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