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george the painting for sale

The crotchety old dude wrote yesterday and thanked me for the props, and stated that he was taking a hiatus from the painting thing. Seems the emo-popping wordsmith needs a break:

“Well, it officially happened; painting became a job. I finished the last painting with the “F**k You” piece and my passion for painting wasn’t there anymore. Gone, like a fart in the wind. I’ve been pushing the whole painting thing like a mad man for years now and well, it became a job…. I don’t want a job! I want my passion for art back!”

Been there, man. There is no ETA on his return to painting. In the meantime, you can see what George is up to by visiting his blog, American Brainworm and by purchasing copies of The Horse.

His final piece is the 37″ x 40″ and called “***** and Bourbon.” It’s a bit too rowdy for the guys at bikernet, but if you click this link, you can see the uncensored piece.

Something about art is that when an artist is done painting, for any reason, it always makes all his work more valuable than before. But owning the final piece of a renowned artist’s oeuvre? That’s the most valuable piece of all.

If George starts painting again, in a year or ten, or never, the worth of “***** and Bourbon” will never diminish.

Any of you broke-*** mofos interested in purchasing this powerful piece of art?


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  1. What’s with the censored **** man? “GTP”

  2. email bandit @ bikernet.com and tell him, george.

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