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friday’s post of cool stuff #65: save american democracy

first, a cool motorbike:

and an even cooler one – made in america!

yesterday (thursday) vermont senator bernie sanders introduced a constitutional amendment to the united states senate yesterday that would overturn the u.s. supreme court’s controversial “citizens united” ruling, which gives corporations the same constitutional rights as “the people.” the court’s decision gave corporations have the same first amendment rights as people, and that political spending was free speech.

that’s bulls**t and senator sanders knows it.

the senator’s proposed amendment only days after the los angeles city council voted unanimously to support a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment that would assert that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights.

if you actually watched the video, and corporate government angers you, click this link and take less than one minute to sign a petition to amend the constitution and reverse the supreme court’s blatant w****dom to the money corporations paid to those who put them in power, and whom in turn, many on the court seem to owe favors to.

corporations are not “the people.” if they were, texas would be executing them!

speaking of sticking it to the corporate man, the free bikerMetric stickers were mailed yesterday. many of you will get more than you asked for because it took me two months to get around to it and i felt a weird emotion…. something like wanting to repay your patience by giving what we call in new orleans “lagniappe,” which means “a little extra.”

i do not know what i was thinking.

and people, please, pretty please with sugar on top that’s really coke and bendy straws everywhere, do not leave anonymous comments unless you are slamming me. if it’s good, take the time to leave your name, your website, or sign up for the google world domination scheme and plant a photo all ka-BLAMMO!™ with your comment. thank you. motherf***ers.

in other news, somebody sent a letter bomb to a banker. SURPRISE!

when i disappear, i’m hoping you metric motorbike madmen, you beer-swilling revolutionaries, you sweet and downtrodden who possess the smell-of-death-and-have-nothing-to-live-for, get even. don’t save me. i’ll be dead already. just hurt a lot more bankers. don’t try. trying is failure. do it.

which leads me to 21 new members of the bikerMetric army of corporate doom. that makes 321.

Chemical Customs is a struggling business owner since 1999. even though he has posts from saint farterbikes on his blog, he chose to follow bikerMetric. why? i do not know. check out his stuff at schitzo wheels. maybe the name is the answer…

Grant is a facebook friend who likes stuff and never posts anything negative. obviously, i have taught him nothing. thanks for the public admission that you read my mad metric rants and revolutionary threats, grant.

anticlockwise is clockwise. or is he against clockwise? i am uncertain. maybe clocks ought to go the other way. i thought they did in australia. he seems to be a great photographer and takes all his pix in a sports jacket. please check him out here and leave a comment about more beer.

i knew this would happen someday. i knew a testosterone based blog was going to admit to digging bikerMetric and like a man power camping trip where all the dudes hug and then b*tch about how their women can’t suck ****, Jonnysocko decided to click the button that had the word “follow” on it. welcome, johnny. i think….

xx86xx is into randomness. dig this, dude. windex is loving this post!

Smith Motor Works is making the new tanks for the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE. scott is a good man and offered to do so after reading the first two posts detailing the trouble we (eric at karnage and i) are having, starting with a pair of gas tanks which look like they were glued together by a bi-polar husband of a w**** who’s off his meds and using meth because hey, meth is fun when you don’t give a f**k. thanks, scott!

FENO has a cartoon hat. nice. reminds me of the scene where former new orleanian lee harvey oswald gets shot and killed by a strip club owner for some reason.

Richard Rachael is from british columbia. i know that’s in canada and i wondered why it’s still british. then i discovered how the queen of england is the highest ranking member of their government. f**k, man. hurt the queen, release the necrophiliacs from your prisons, and then roast her flesh for hamburgers i’m sure mc donald’s would love to inject with ammonia to be sure no disease is spread. except cancer. ’cause ingested ammonia causes cancer. yeah. see the theme yet?

americans once had a republic based on democratic principles. canadians have always been ruled by a monarchy. now, trace the bloodline of your monarchy back only a few decades to see they’re german. they had your *** a long time ago. hitler was crazy. he didn’t need to bother.

if you didn’t click the link, do you need to know which nation the banker who got the letter bomb is from?

darn. 320 followers… no, wait. 319. hm.

thanks for the excuse to rant. seriously though, richard seems like a nice enough guy. i wonder why he’s here…

erco is a belgian dude who digs cafe racers. he has a new blog you can check out here.

lpmop is a polish dude who only follows bM. he has a blog that is translated from polish to english as, “knowledge of the inertia.” i like that.

don’t know much about Allan L. he does follow dwrenched, where i yoinked the babe on the left from.

fahrain is a malaysian cat who follows a few hundred malaysian sites and this one.

viloes m.c. is probably spanish. spaniards are cool with me. hope to visit some day and get wasted with the dudes from el solitario.

Dániel Csorba loves anna! daniel loves anna! daniel loves anna! he also loves all kinds of music. there’s nothing wrong with that. unless it’s reo speedwagon. they suck.

hickone. oh no! they’re on to me! flannel shirts with the sleeves cut off and everything! i gotta hide! i bet he likes to drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight!

TorkeZilla likes beer. and torque. me, too. we ought to meet and drink beer and see how many pounds we can turn with our torque wrenches. beats arm wrestling, which often spills beer. which is bad.

Dae is a dude named damon. he likes pubs where the goat heads mounted to the wall wear sunglasses. excellent. he follows two sites; ours and ikea hackers. you should check it out. it’s kinda cool. they tweak ikea **** into nifty stuff like this barstool >>

welcome the artsy-fartsy gilbert yohannes. he has a fashion magazine called bak. check it out here, you metrosexuals!

Johnny1602 is from san diego and digs “bikes and boards.” his blog, vortex board and bike works, is rarely updated, so don’t bother. he knows it. he’s got better things to do, i’m sure.

that’s 19 of 21. the other two were spies. get an avatar!

the next follower with an avatar of **** cheney or barack obama gets two free bikerMetric stickers. avatars with guy fawkes get one  sticker (unless a beer or gun is involved – three stickers if beer AND guns are in your avatar). but you gotta have an email and contact me so i can send them to you.


spies. come and get me. wear kevlar on your face!

for the other 19 noobs, thanks for coming ’round.

finally, i’d like to mention chopperswapmeet .com. it’s a site that does pretty much what the name implies. it’s a bit like an ebay for motorcycles and motorcycle parts but without the bidding. unless darth vader has parts for sale. then i imagine someone will do his bidding.

the site was sent to me by john at spider racing, who built this bike. he emailed and asked if i’d pimp it. it’s cool and i’ve watched it grow since he told me, so check it out, mofos.

don’t make me find your lack of faith disturbing!

thus ends this episode of friday’s post of cool stuff. stay tuned for next week’s episode: what to do when ***** gets in your eye.

[NOTE: it isn’t wash your eye with running water.]

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