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f***ing blogger!

today was my day to clean up the site and have a nice little post or two. instead everything i try f**ks up or won’t work. i’ve been working for eight hours today, took an hour off to “network” on fakebook, and i am farther away from where i was when i woke. i might as well stayed in bed all day at this rate.

today i was going to make banners for the last three interviews for the interviews page, plus clean up the techTips page because alex has started his second series and i wanted to make a banner that led to all the articles for the first series on “setting up your home garage.”

instead, real life interfered, i pressed “save as draft” because i’d be away from the laptop a while, and when i returned the techTips page had reverted to some version from probably four months ago, with alex’s bigger bio erased to never be seen again, and the link to techTipsin the menu above has disappeared. then, when i type in the page in the address box of firefox to see if i can salvage something, it cannot be found.


so, since you’ve all seen the huge FO blogger graphic, let me state emphatically one more time:


i’ll get it straightened out as soon as i can. i’m supposed to be working here with killer bikes and builders, not d*cking around with half-a**ed wysiwyg software for dumbass f**ks all day. even their html page doesn’t work right. i still don’t have the share buttons below each post since it went crusty weeks ago.

[EDIT, 11:45PM CST: i did what i could with the techTip page, even re-writing alex’s bio to be more informative. hopefully it works for you guys. if i create banners, it links to all the posts in reverse order because blogger can think in no other fashion, so i re-posted them in the techTip page in order, top to bottom, with the latest post about “how to build your own frame” on top. the new ones will be under the first. it’s still kinda screwy, and i know it’s a blog and everything is backwards, but it’s 2011, can’t these half-assed jerkoffs in their khaki pants sipping their f***ing corporate coffee brand give us a page function to link to posts in reverse order so they read more like a book? okay…. rant over. will have real posts tomorrow.]

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