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czech ducati chopper | chopperweb cz

this bike was originally a 1986 ducati 650cc v-twin “indiana” model and chopped by chopperweb.cz.

czech ducati chopper | chopperweb.cz
czech ducati chopper - right rear | chopperweb.cz

some specs on the beast:

+  the front wheel is a modified jawa pérák.
+  the tank is from an old german dkw motorbike.
+  the rear hub utilizes a bottle of rum and the brake caliper is trimmed from a hayabusa.
+  the frame is 100% custom.
+  the build took six months to finish and another six to fine tune the motor.
+  the rear car rim is a volvo 16″ with a 225 goodyear eagle f1 tire.
+  most everything else is a one-off by chopperweb cz.

it’s a most radical machine.

thanks to arpad for letting me know about this crazy ducati chopper. if my czech-to-english translation is wrong, i am sure he’ll comment or email so i can get it right.

czech ducati chopper -left rear | chopperweb.cz

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