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curtis brubaker’s box van and poll results

there is a cool story behind these volkswagen-powered vans at rodster.com.

here are the results of this weeks poll.

i plan on building a metric bob, chop or cafe:
this winter:  10 (17%)
some time in 2011:  15 (25%)

already did:  12 (20%)
at this moment:  7 (12%)
when i find the right builder:  0 (0%)

hopefully some day:  5 (8%)
i do it all the time:  8 (13%)
for free *** and beer:  5 (8%)
after my divorce:  0 (0%)
in the house/apartment:  4 (6%)

in my garage:  17 (29%)
at my buddy’s shop:  0 (0%)

almost done since 2005:  5 (8%)

thanks for voting, everybody. it seems that bikerMetric readers are largely friendless do-it-yourself types with their own garages. it’s nice to see that nobody is getting divorced over their metric motorbike passion. although i’m quite saddened that so few do it to for free *** and beer, i can’t tell you that it’s any better than being the lone wolf in a garage with a kerosene heater and high-speed internet. free *** and beer often leads to craziness. i like it, but it isn’t for everyone.

for those of you currently or soon to be building a bike, feel free to email me at trent at bikermetric.com when it’s done the world can see it.

still working on the epic interview with chris from speed shop. it’s my fault that it’s taken so long. tonight it’s saints football and i’ll probably retire from the laptop for the eve but i’ve made a big dent in it so check tomorrow and hopefully i’ll have it posted.

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