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bikeexif calendar

all right, i admit, i’m a fan of BIKEEXIF (i know, capital letters but it’s his brand, which is different – and hypocritical of me – but i’m being nice and pobody’s nerfect). the truth is that chris hunter’s website has the kind of readership i aspire to and the kind of sponsorship that… well, i have different sponsors.

interestingly enough, chris is one of them. he donated this week to help me with my laptop spillage problem. that is not what this post is about.

i’ve gotten to know chris over the last year and discovered that he’s really a good man. i’m sure i’ve ****** him off with some of my comments on his site, and sly ones here on bikerMetric, too. it’s merely a difference of economics. he does not constrain himself to the garage builder, or the “affordable” builder. he advertises for shops that sell $1,000 3/4 helmets. have you ever been to glory in hollywood? justin kell was incredibly fun to interview but $46 for a f***ing t-shirt? must be nice.

regardless of our different styles, chris visits bM every once in a while.

remember when the site went from averaging 350 visitors a day to suddenly getting over 700 one day in mid-september? it took me a while to figure out what happened but chris twatted my post about chad hodge’s retro-futuristic full-face helmet design.

that’s when i started taking facetwit seriously.

then in yesterday’s mail came a cool thing:

bikeexif 2011 calendar – october | frank charriaut-designed triumph cafe

that’s the bike frank from motart designed. as you may know, frank has also been very cool to bikerMetric and to me. he even did a post about the FREEDOM or DEATH MACHINE (it’s in all caps because you have to yell threateningly when you say it).

and frank’s bike is profiled on october’s page, the month of my birthday. it’s the best bike of the bunch by far and it makes me smile today. for every person i tell to f**k off, i somehow still have folks who like me. chris and frank are two of, oh, probably three or four.

get your BIKEEXIF calendar here. it’s absolutely beautiful and has many little elements that make the whole thing great.

now to get chris to do a post about the ForD on his site. the *******….


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  1. He was nice enough to link the BF back in the early days which in turn gave me a monster push in traffic as well! I’ve been meaning to order one of those calendars all week. Better do that right now!

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