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You mofos have visited bikerMetric more than any other city in the world in the past month. The next city is Portland, Oregon, and you came by to read 33% more than they did.  America reads me by the thousands every week, more than any country by far, but no city reads more than you do. That is so f***ing rad and I’m thankful to appeal to such a different culture.

Dear Bangkok readers, please send me a photo of the bike you’re riding to trent at bikermetric.com. Tell me about your businesses. Your family and friends. Let me tell everybody (12,000 readers last month – 94% more so far this month) about why you ride smaller bikes. Go off about what you think about anything. Send pix of local shops, rides, bikers, politics, food, beer, ***… Let’s tell America about Thailand, about who and what makes a killer metric chop or bob in your streets.

You’ve obviously got something going on and I believe bM viewers would be interested to see and know.

That would be more rad than your silence.

Thanks for representing. It’s humbling to know I’m big in Bangkok (NOTE TO SELF: do not get drunk and get “i’m big in bangkok” tattooed on your stomach). *** bless you all and thanks for coming by.

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