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Jefe Smith lives north of San Diego, California and rides solo or with several groups of riders through the western U.S. deserts, coast and mountains. Of course the spectacular scenery and simply the riding are big parts of any ride, but so are the conversations with friends or folks he sees on the road as well as the history of the areas he rides. He encourages riders to take the time to add this depth to their rides and they might find themselves with more vivid, lasting and multidimensional memories instead of just a few route numbers and cafes. For some examples of this kind of deeper riding, you might check out his new book, LIFE, AMERICA and the ROAD, A Biker’s Perspective, a Zen cruise across America and through life. Excerpts from and reviews of the book can be read and the book ordered at the website www.jefestours.com. Bikers who have read the book have found themselves psyched to be on the road again and committed to creating their own fulfilling adventures.