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an oldie but a goodie: the yamaha virago road creature

I think I’ve had images of this bike for a decade. It’s called the Road Creature and it was made by a gentleman named Paul Scott from Hertfordshire in the UK. He seems to have fallen off the face of the earth since photos of this bike were put online but I can tell you a few things about it.

The motor is a 920 cc Yamaha Virago twin; the carb is from a Ducati Paso; the forks are from an Aprilia. Other parts come off a BMW K75, a V-Max and a Kawasaki KR1.

Mr. Scott created most of the bike, including the “frame,” if you can call it that, as the bike was held together by 22 individual aluminum castings. Paul even fabricated the stainless steel brake rotors. I’ve done that and I must say it’s a time-consuming, expensive and intricate process to go from a piece of steel to a finished rotor.

The bike was finished in a year and a half and was meant to look aggressive and skeletal.

It looks a little dated, like something from Giger, but I give it up due to the innovative engineering.

If anybody has any recent info about Paul Scott, please hit the COMMENT link below and let everybody know!


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  1. paul is harder to find than lord lucan,
    he built what I believe to be, his last project the gemini for me and my friend .. pics here

    he has so much talent, its a shame he didn’t get the acclaim he deserved … I reckon he’s better than any other builder I’ve seen, including all the big names ..

  2. thanks for the link, man.

    the cbx, if you’re into tuning carburetors, is an impressive motor. while impractical for daily riding, it has several innovations that have built the cult following you seem to be a member of. i’ve always wanted one, myself.

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