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nfg #48

ni putu ratna dewi. Yay for you.

How does Carl Jung relate to this photo? If you know, contact me that I might email you to inquire of your thoughts about the encyclopedia of the collective unconscious, candy, and world domination.

World Domination Rule #2: Place hot and intelligent women on TV to say the stuff we want them to say.

Thanks for clicking the golden button of doom, timbangan nyawa. That better be Indonesian for “sweetheart” or Google is going to be the thing that finally forces me to open 1-800-SPANKING for business.

The earth is flat! No, the earth is round!

EDIT 10.13.10 at 7 PM CST:
Got an email from Ole.


Beats me Man.

Personally I was grabbed by the reflection on the desk. The conscious vs. un-conscious.

Seems a fairly decent representation to me.

Then again I’m drunk by six as usual…

– Ole


I commended him for being sober past noon, as I was wont to be for a while there. I then wrote him what Jung had to do with the photo, but he’s not telling.

Thanks for playing, Ole! It’s always good to have you around.

+  +   +

EDIT 10.14.10 at 10:30 AM CST:

Jenn wrote:

First I was going to say sometimes a pipe is just a pipe.. then remembered that was Freud…

So instead I will state the woman appearing the the upper right hand corner has everything to do with it, but I don’t remember the tenets of Jungian psychology well enough to dissect properly.


The woman in the corner is inexplicable. She is omnipresent and maybe a Jungian meme of the collective unconscious so that was a great guess and close, but no cigar, Jenn.

As I emailed to her, the actual quote is “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Some say Freud never spoke it, others say it was in reply to a query on latent sexual meanings of oral fixations.

Thanks for the email, dear.


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