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husqvarna mille 3 cruiser concept

i’ve been holding off on this one for four months, and it may be old news to some, but i think some of my newer readers might dig it anyway. i think it’s cool. i like it much more than the ducati diavel.

yes, it’s a husqvarna cruiser concept from a motorcycle manufacturer known for supermotard and motocross bikes. some allege that the brand is the oldest continually produced motorcycle in history. i thought that was royal enfield. others say it’s harley. let’s see those pix and papers from 1896 – 1906 boys, because only one can be the oldest, and we’ll determine that fact for ourselves, all right? okay.

regardless, the husqvarna brand is 322 years old and like many motorbike companies, they started off making s**t for war.

f***ing bankers…. make everyone pay…

husky doesn’t have a street/cruiser style in production. i don’t believe they ever have. in the ’50’s they did some tt races in bikes like the 125cc thumper below, but ever since it’s been off road bikes.

at november’s eicma exhibition in milan the husqvarna “mille 3 concept” was unveiled to reveal a unique three-cylinder cruiser concept motorcycle. i hear it caused quite a stir. i can hear the stirring now, the murmuring, the puzzled looks on people’s faces.

husqvarna took three 331cc dirt bike cylinders, affixed them to a common crank and created a water-cooled 993cc v-triple that looks like a v-twin. the v3 configuration is comprised of one vertical cylinder and two inline cylinders separated by what looks to be about 90 degrees.

the aggressive styling is reminiscent of a supermotard bike and i dig it. ask avon to create suitably wide distanzia tires and re-route the exhaust from underneath and it might be something that could do a little dirt duty. otherwise, i dig it as is and would love to ride the beast.

husky says they have no plans to produce the bike and the mille 3 was just a showpiece to illustrate their design skills. wow. must be nice to waste a few hundred thousand dollars for a piece of art, huh, rich man?

no way in **** that’s the truth, though. companies do not create concepts for no other purpose than to “show off.” all concepts have always had elements the company is contemplating for future use. anything else is a waste and profit is the number one thing to any corporation. a cruiser that’s never built for a company that makes dirt bikes? please. hand me that shovel so i can get rid of all this bull***t. i bet if the response was large and positive enough, husqvarna would do what ducati did and break from their norm and shoot out this relatively radical cruiser.

that is why they built it and why it would be something worth buying panties for, since it is this not-so-humble author’s opinion that if the price was right, they’d sell the mille 3 in bunches.

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