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friday’s post of cool stuff #45: the wintertime screwdriver

thought i’d start this friday’s post with a serene home setting.

thank you, frank.

now to f**k all that s**t up:

don’t know about you but when i see dudes my age rocking this hard with such monster hooks i weep and thank *** there is still hope. hope for me. hope for my generation. my estimation of this band has gone from 6 to 10 this week. not only does their new record kickf***ingass, it establishes them as an indelible influence in the culture this stupid metric motorbike website is dedicated to. the video above and the song they play makes me want to get an anchor tattoo under my left eye. i’ll do it myself in the bathroom with a needle and black ink from my lover’s magic supplies blessed by marie laveau, thor, chawasha natives and lucid nightmares where mountains of skulls made of bankers are picked off for a sliver of flesh to sustain a dog who comes when i call his name.

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about f***ing time. now for a purty picture of that hardtail chopper i like and which they oughta make with a chain drive for twelve grand:

is that profile not incredibly kick ***? i know it would have been cooler ten years ago, but i think honda ought to make this bike. bore it out a few degrees. i’m sure those cases could take 1500cc. and honda should start selling those wheels yesterday.

now that my madness has gained another step toward credibility, someone wrote on our bikerMetric facebook wall something about “rice burners.”


does harley lead the world in robotics? does harley make kickass drums and guitars? does harley have a new factory in india?


no. no. yes.
honda. yamaha. you know who.

ever cracked the crank open on a new sporty? try that and try not to vomit a little in your mouth when you find “made in china” machined inside.

therefore, one ought not go about yelling “rice” while unintentionally proclaiming great ignorance. additionally, in india, the standard food staple is rice. funny, huh?  harley makes rice burners now.  please try not to be too hypocritical, people. few things about motorbikes tick me off more than the term “rice burner,” and i dare anybody to say that to jon ard.

unfriend, unfollow, and whatever if you don’t dig what i lay down here. i work so hard at ******* people off that i am always amazed how this place grows regardless of my distaste for f***ing idiots and my desire to find out if their cooked flesh really would taste like chicken.

if you are still reading, you guys might dig this:

also, drink **** and live!

about that. do you wash your hands after you urinate? i don’t. i know where my **** has been. i wash my hands before i urinate because my hands have been all over the place. they’ve been shaking other hands that might have just been wiping chunks of crum off their *** cracks, or moving a chair or bar stool in a public place where the last person might have just wiped chunks of crum off their *** crack, or after i’ve received a beer from a bartender who might have just wiped chunks of crum off their *** crack.

honda scratched my back. *** bless them. it was mighty itchy. they have a lot i will be showing you soon. with humility i am grateful. with arrogance i tell you that you won’t find what i will be showing anywhere. what honda does is truly beyond motorcycles. i love yamaha for their involvement in music. i love honda for their involvement in making the bikes i rode and loved most. plus, they do other kickass s**t. if you watched the video above, you dig.

anybody could build a honda or yamaha inline twin with a ton of custom **** dreamt up while beer-swilling in a garage for a few grand and save ten thousand dollars to waste on more beer and bottles of wino stuff.

all right. all i need is one thing…

ahh. she made me a toasted turkey with muenster cheese on 15 grain bread.

here you go kevin:

it isn’t only obama. this started with johnson. some say lincoln. i say wilson f***ed more s**t up than any other but what is happening now is an illustration of how bankers rule our “representatives.”

and you.

this is why i call for ****** revolution. this is why i say “hurt them all.” this is where you realize our government is filled with men and women whose campaigns were funded by bankers and corporations. not by you.

when somebody advertises on bikerMetric, i don’t go promoting dudes that do the same thing. i only promote those who give me money.

just. like. politicians.

except i’ve got a company with advertisers who get the top promo spots because that’s the deal. it’s transparent and i show it here every day. elswick. metal head. nate…. i work to help them. they help me.

unlike your “government.”

who funded obama?

not you.

who does the government work to help?

not you.

how much longer will we tolerate our losses of liberty, of sustainability, of the health of our communities, of ourselves, of our planet, of the american dream? how much longer will we tolerate the greed and lies that our world should be ruined for the profit of the few on the sore and breaking backs of the many?

my guess? not much longer.

now, motorcycle stuff:

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  1. Venture Brothers!!!!

  2. **** yeah, man. glad you caught that. there are a few venture moments strung throughout these pages. glad to have you around.

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