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friday’s post of cool stuff #19: time is a construct of mankind keep us from going insane

First the shout-outs:

#1.  New Guy Alert: thekatros. Thanks, man.

#2.  New York City. You dudes hit bikerMetric up more than any city in the world and visited way over 200 times in the past month. From Staten Island to Manorville, you guys rock. Thanks.

#3.  California. As you would imagine, the San Francisco Bay Area hits bM often, almost as much as New York, but the amazing thing is the city that comes by more than any other in Cali is Sacramento. Thanks for coming by, Sacto.

Our little metric motorbike hellhole is still growing thanks to all you cats & kittens. We’re averaging 360 unique readers a day in the past week. Thank you to everybody. Now for some cool stuff.

CB550 cafe racers are fun. That one looks like a blast.

Found a fun site called Masshole Moto. Whilst visiting their blog, I discovered that they like beer! Hooray, beer! There was a nice article about Brew Dog, a brewery from Scotland. You know what’s coming next…. IF IT’S NOT SCOTTISH, IT’S ****! That is certainly true, as these Brew Dog guys are pretty badass for brewing a beer that has been called “irresponsible” by some bureaucratic douches from places called “Alcohol Focus Scotland” and the “British Liver Trust.” Really? You’d think the British Liver Trust would be a niche cooking group of snaggle-toothed old ladies. I apologize if I don’t trust my liver with the British, unless it’s on a skillet.

Anyway, this is a funny video from the guys at Brew Dog about a beer that has an astonishing 40% ABV, smashing the 18% brew that had the liver and alcohol people so tweaked. It also makes fun of Germans, which is also funny. Making fun of anybody is funny, actually.

Cheese with your beer, sir? Don’t mind if I do, thank you. Good job, guys. Expect an order from me in the near future.

I’ve got a couple of sweet techtips coming up, including skateboard wheel chain tensioner tech from of Dave Helrich in Tempe. It looks like this closeup on the right:

More folks are coming through with stuff for the FREEDOM OR DEATH MACHINE and now they just gotta mail them!


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