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dear dumbasses;

somebody named “anonymous” left a comment on a post today and seemed upset because only comments will be allowed after my approval. this anonymous poster laughed and likened it to censorship, inferring i was a hypocrite.

the first reason comments must be approved as this site gets 1,000 viewers a day and some comments are spam messages that link to virus-laden websites. i do not approve spam. i protect my readers by having comment approval so they will not have to slog through that **** or get infected.

the second reason i must first approve of a comment is because i do not allow anonymous comments. sometimes someone leaves an anonymous comment, but signs it with their name or internet handle or website. that’s tolerable. what isn’t are the often cowardly, sniping bulls**t remarks my readers have told me they can do without. i can do without that as well.

bikerMetric is a community of people that ride and build. we are not critics or snooty builders who attack anything that isn’t exactly how “it should be done.” something as lame as commenting on comment approval is a self-evident reason why i do not allow anonymous comments. the hypocrite is always the anonymous poster.

finally, why don’t you write to any magazine, newspaper, or television network and demand that your opinion be heard? good luck with that. is it censorship or editorial preference of an organization that can do what ever it wants? i am not a democracy nor a government. if i don’t like what you say in person, i may hit you. please accept this post, dear anonymous comment boy, as the b*tch slap you deserve.

it’s easy to leave a comment on bM because you don’t have to type in a word verification. simply write your message and push the button. then wait a minute or a day. i have a life beyond these pages.

put your name and photo out there and then say whatever you want. until then,

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  1. ****’m…bunch of whiner pansys. If they don’t have the sack to claim their words they they don’t belong in print.
    My name is Lee

  2. pansies would be more correct

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