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top six causes of road accidents in australia

Living in Australia sometimes means that you get to enjoy a slower pace of life. Sadly, that notion doesn’t always translate onto our roads. Thousands of accidents happen on Australian roads each year, and regrettably, many of them could have been avoided. 

Road collisions don’t just cost lives, they also have the potential to financially ruin those involved, especially if they don’t have the right insurance cover in place. Taking out the right policy, whether comprehensive, third party property including fire and theft or third party only ensures that you and your family are protected respectively in the event of an accident. Click the link for Qantas car insurance information.

Here we’ll explore the six top causes of road accidents in Australia.

Accidents involving trucks

Large articulated vehicles are a common sight on roads in both urban and remote areas. They keep our food and agricultural industries going with deliveries and transport goods to and from our ports. Sadly, a large number of road accidents involving large trucks occur each year. Often caused by driver error, the inability to see smaller vehicles in time and the impatience of other road users. Accidents involving trucks often lead to devastating injuries and fatalities.


You don’t have to be driving at 160km/h to be classed as “speeding”. Even in smaller, built-up areas driving just a few km over the speed limit poses a risk to other drivers and pedestrians. The faster you drive, the longer it will take for you to stop, which means you’re far more likely to hit another road user before you stop in time.

Drunk driving

Just like most countries, Australia sees its fair share of drunk drivers. Even the smallest amount of alcohol in your blood can impact your ability to drive. Coordination, muscle control, blurred vision, fatigue at the wheel and the inability to make good decisions behind the wheel are all impacted by consuming alcohol. Drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel massively increases the possibility of getting involved in a car accident.

Not belting up

Of course not wearing a seatbelt won’t necessarily cause a road accident, however failing to belt up when you enter a vehicle could leave you with catastrophic injuries. Not wearing a belt means you’re more likely to be ejected from the vehicle, miss the airbag deployment, hit your head on the dashboard or steering wheel and ultimately, die. 

Distracted driving

Driving whilst distracted is something we’re all probably guilty of. And it’s also common on Australian roads. Distracted driving includes using your smartphone behind the wheel, eating and drinking, looking at passengers instead of the road ahead, fiddling with the radio or adjusting the GPS, or being distracted by other passengers. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can make you more vulnerable and likely to be involved in a car crash.

And finally, falling asleep at the wheel

Driving whilst tired is incredibly dangerous and a leading cause of car accidents in Australia. Driving whilst tired is similar to driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. It impacts your reaction time, your ability to make good decisions and to focus on the road ahead. 

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