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The Future of Smart Helmets on Motorcycle Accident Prevention

Like so many advancing technologies, smart helmets are being designed to make people safer. Like smart phones, automated vehicles, and smart appliances, smart helmets are being designed with technology to make you safer. This year the annual CES Innovation Awards, smart helmets were premiered. One even won the CES Innovation Award.

CES Innovation Award- Jarvish X-AR

This year at the 2020 CES Innovation Awards the Jarvish X-AR won an honoree award is the world’s most advanced motorcycle helmet. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a front FHD camera built-in. It can play music, answer or reject calls, and adjust the volume of their audio. It can also navigate and record video and connect to an AI system like Siri or Alexa.

Perhaps the most important function of all is that the Jarvish X-AR has a rear camera that can project rare real-time image on Head-up display (HUD) with augmented reality technology. It can be lifted and is placed inside the helmet by a micro-electronic motor and can be triggered by voice command. All in all, it is no surprise why this futuristic helmet won the award for innovation. What is more amazing is that these will be available everywhere in no time.

Tali Smart Helmet

The Tali smart helmet has some similar features as the Jarvish X-AR, but it has some specs that the honoree innovation helmet does not, making it a close runner-up to the Jarvish. It includes LED lighting and fall detection. It can play music, take phone calls, or read off navigation instructions. The helmet will also automatically place a call to emergency services when it detects that you have been in an accident.

Furthermore, if you leverage one of the smart phone apps that is currently being developed by Android or Apple iOS, you will be able to share real-time location and geofence-based alerts if the helmet gets stolen. In addition, the app will integrate things like maintenance and service logs, trip tracking, and more. The Tali helmet includes a photochromic visor that is compatible with smart voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to reduce your distraction.

Other Smart Motorcycle Features

Of course the most important part of a helmet is safety. According to the firm McGinley, who works on personal injury claims, head injury is the major factor in motorcycle accident tragedies. The role of the helmet is to protect the head in the event of an accident. While some argue that all of the extra features are distracting, many of the new features on smart helmets are designed to warn the rider that they are riding dangerously that could cause an accident. It will also tell them if they didn’t lock the strap or are riding above the speed limit. Vital emergency information could be provided to emergency responders when an accident has occurred. Rear lighting and cameras can also help riders see around them better.

The Future of Smart Technologies

Helmets are the one of the formerly fully manual items that is being decked out with technology. Not only is this technology making things safer, they are providing safety essentials that do not compromise on style. Comfort and performance are also enhanced. Fall detection provides an emergency system that can send information to people who can help you if you fall. They have hands-free voice navigation and a Bluetooth speaker. Finally they are made out of strong carbon fiber materials.

When will I Be able to Buy a Smart Helmet?

While these amazing smart helmets were premiered at the CES Innovation Awards, it still may be a while until you can purchase them. They will become available at different times for different people. There are also some questions about regulations for regions that have strict helmet laws. Still, even though it may take a while to get your own smart helmet they will be on the streets before you know it.

Like other smart technologies, these helmets will help make our world more efficient and safer. These are not the only items that we will all use to make our lives better. We are headed toward a world where everything is optimized, even our helmets.


Ryan Beitler is a journalist, writer, and blogger who has written for Paste Magazine, The Slovenia Times, AI Journal, and Crypto News.

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