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Motorcycle Security Tips on Long Road Trips

Motorcycle enthusiasts know the thrill and excitement of motorcycle drives. They love the thrill so much that long road trips have been a hobby for most motorcycle riders. If you are one of these excited travelers, you would know that long road trips require a lot of preparation despite the fun and laughs.

Before embarking on your adventure, it is necessary to consider several vital things, ranging from how to pack to when to eat.  In addition to scheduling and survival tips, we also need to consider the hazards long road trips warrant, as riders commonly overlook these.

Regardless of the duration of your journey, safety and security should always come first. It could be overwhelming to know where to start on your pre-ride preparation. Thus, to assist you in planning your thrilling motorbike adventure, we have put together an essential handbook of general advice and motorcycle security tips that will guarantee you are as prepared and secure as possible.

#1. Check your motorcycle before the ride.

Indeed, this tip is the most critical item to do before you hit the road on your motorbike. By checking basic things like your tires’ air pressure, oil level, brake lights, and indicator lights, you may be able to avert an accident on the road. Any untoward problems with motorcycle parts will cause your beloved bike to break down, potentially injuring you and your fellow travelers.

Besides your initial pre-ride check, we also advise you to go over your pre-ride checklist every time you take a break on a lengthy drive. Even after a rough trip, frequent check-ups will verify that your motorbike is roadworthy.

Installing a smart GPS tracker on your bike will also help monitor your motorcycle and engine status. More than just tracking the exact location of your bike, GPS trackers also have installed monitoring systems that can alert you whenever they sense a problem. Even before you go through your pre-ride checklist, trackers assure you that your motorcycle is still safe to go on the road.

#2 Keep your motorcycle keys by yourself at all times.

Long road trips also mean frequent stops. Of course, you need a time and place to eat, rest, and stretch your legs.  However, regular halts also necessitate frequent parks, thus, increasing the risk of thefts. Therefore, we recommend that you keep your motorcycle keys by yourself, as people getting ahold of your keys is possible.

Another way to assure peace of mind from thefts is to install a tracker with an alarm system that alerts you when the bike senses suspicious movement. This alarm allows you to stop thefts from happening, and its built-in tracking system provides you the service to track your stolen motorcycle.

#3. Plan your route.

Long road trips mean traveling to unfamiliar places. Getting lost is incredibly high, even if you have peers with you. You should plan your route and stop through maps before hitting the road. This way, you would be able to find a suitable resting location.

However, unfamiliar environments may confuse even the most experienced riders. A handy GPS tracker can give you directions to your next destination. Trackers may also advise you on shorter and better routes, which could be particularly beneficial when there is traffic or unexpected roadblocks.

Key Takeaways

Motorcycle enthusiasts know the thrill of long road trips. Consequently, they also know that long rides necessitate extensive preparation. Food and scheduling are just two things you need to think of, as security and safety should also be your top priority.

This article lists three motorcycle tips that would hopefully aid you on your next long thrilling journey. If these three may still be a lot to think about, we advise you to learn more about trackers to make things easier. Have a safe and secured ride!

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