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how to prepare for a long motorcycle ride

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and love the thrill of travelling on a motorcycle, you would know that a lot goes into preparing for a long trip. From how to pack to when to eat, there are quite a few important things to plan for before setting off on your journey. However, not all motorcycle lovers are all that aware of the dangers involved and forget to prepare for being less protected than you would be when travelling in a car.

Safety should always come first, regardless of the length of your trip. While wearing a helmet, wearing a protective leather jacket, and a strong pair of biker boots is highly recommended, having extensive knowledge of the Personal Injury Law can also prove to be extremely beneficial in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident.

To help you plan for your exhilarating journey on your motorcycle, we have put together a simple guide of general tips as well as crucial safety tips that will ensure you are as prepared as you should be.

#1 Do A Pre-Ride Check Before Leaving

This is undeniably the most important thing to do before hitting the road on your motorcycle. By checking all the simple stuff, such as your tyres air pressure, the oil level, your brake lights, and indicator lights, you could be avoiding an accident on the road. It is also recommended to go over your pre-ride checklist every time you stop for a rest on your long journey. This will ensure that your motorcycle is roadworthy and not a danger to others on the road. Furthermore, if your motorcycle is not roadworthy and you are involved in an accident, you will automatically be liable according to the Personal Injury Law.

#2 Wear Protective Biker Gear

Because you will be very exposed when travelling on a motorcycle, the wisest choice is to always wear the correct safety gear. Even though most of the necessary items will be quite pricey, an investment in safety will not be a regret. Some bikers may prefer a pot helmet that only covers the skull of your head, although, a full helmet would ensure you are far more protected and safe on your bike. A Leather Jacket, leather gloves and strong biker boots will ensure that you are as safe as possible on your journey.

#3 Plan For Stops Along The Way

Stopping every 20-30 minutes is recommended for both car and motorcycle trips. This will prevent drowsiness and potentially falling asleep and causing an accident. By planning where to stop for a quick rest along the way, you will be far more prepared and avoid the chances of being tired and not able to find a suitable resting location. Additionally, it would be a great idea to book in advance at your choice of hotel or guest house. During your stop, you should have a refreshing drink and something small to eat. Travelling on a motorcycle can be a bit uncomfortable, especially on long trips. Therefore, stretching your legs during routine stops will help you avoid back and neck aches that can problematic.

#4 Avoid Riding Towards The Sun

By planning to have breakfast and lunch/dinner during sunsets and sunrises, you can avoid the unpleasant task of having to drive towards the sun, especially if you are travelling in an east or west direction. It is not the smartest idea to attempt to drive towards the sun because you will be unable to see the road, which is extremely dangerous.

#5 Keep A Spare Key

Understandably, it is a great idea to keep a spare key with you for your motorcycle just in case you misplace your keys and end up getting stuck on your trip. Because you will need to stop in multiple places to rest and stretch your legs, losing your keys is quite possible.

What If You Are In A Motorcycle Accident?

Regardless of how vigilant and careful you are on your motorcycle, you could still be involved in an accident. This is mainly because other drivers could be liable for reckless driving. Taking extreme care in protecting yourself with all the necessary gear can save your life. It is always recommended that in the event of an accident you should always contact your established lawyer to ensure that you are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. Be sure to abide by the rules of the road and practice consistent safe drive by opting not to exceed speed limits.

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