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bringing your motorcycle to the next level

STAND OUT! customization is cool

Motorcycles give you freedom and a feeling of power, and everyone wants them.  If you’re on bikerMetric odds are you don’t want yours to look like everything else out there. If you don’t have the skills to the wild customization you see on this site, fret not, because there are some awesome and easy options for you! Bikes are amazingly customizable, and we are not talking about “Pimp my Ride” style of gimmicks, but actual useful and aesthetically pleasing customizations that can make your ride not only stand out, but last longer and drive better. Let’s look at a few things available!

Spend the money, it’s worth it!

There are many reasons to customize your motorcycle – all the way from anti-theft to increasing its resale value. Think of it this way, if your bike looks just like all the other ones out there it makes it a much greater target for theft and will be next to impossible to track down later with a smart robber. If you personalize your ride, giving it a unique look and feel (or sound even!) it will act as a deterrence for many would-be thieves.  Additionally, whatever changes you do cosmetically or internally may add more value to your bike should you ever decide to sell it at some point down the road.

Make the bike fit your body

Customization can also be done to increase comfort on your new bike. Let’s be real, not all body types are identical and sometimes things just need to be changed up a bit. If you aren’t completely comfortable on your motorcycle, you will never fully enjoy its potential. Try out a new seat, handlebars or even some new foot controls. You can literally find custom motorcycle parts for anything you would like updated, so think outside the box and come up with a perfect bike tailored to not only your style, but your body.

Getting attention everywhere you go

Show your sense of style

One of the best ways to take a new motorcycle and make it truly yours is by customizing its appearance in a way that really makes it stand out from the rest. You can treat your motorcycle like a work of art, crafting it into the exact beautiful form of your dreams. The possibilities here are endless.  A great starting point is a new paint job or customized decals.  Other common add-ons are chrome and new exhaust systems. The best part about chrome is that you can literally replace just about any exterior part of your bike with shiny new chrome giving it a much more glitzy appearance! Additionally, some new exhaust pipes give your bike a unique sound that can give any bike a personality and acts as a great attention grabber all the while boosting your bikes value. A creative and ambitious individual could even make their bike look like an animal, or the famous Bat pod from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy!

Get more out of your bike!

Aside from the physical appearance and comforts of your bike, the performance can also be tweaked to maximize your bike’s true potential. Whether you want more horse power or the ability to tow a load, custom motorcycle parts can be added on to meet these ends. Try changing your air intake or adding a new stage kit to increase performance.  What’s even better, these performance enhancing solutions can be added without hurting fuel economy in the slightest! Think of it like giving steroids to your bike.

Final Thoughts

So, now you are aware of many different ways in which you can deck out your ride to express your personality and creativity or just making the motorcycle more of the performance monster you want it to be.  Customizing your bike lets you take something that may have been a 1,500 dollar investment and turn it into a piece of art that looks like it should be worth three times that.  Be creative and let us know what crazy things you have done to modify your bike as well!

Lisa Peteres is a freelance blogger and motorcycle enthusiast sharing her experiences, tips and advice on various outlets. Keep an eye out for more of her informative articles!

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