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12 gifts for a motorcycle fanatic

There are mainly two kinds of people. The ones who ride the motorcycle, and the ones who can barely manage to sit behind it. We all know somebody who is a motorcycle enthusiast and has been planning that long overdue road trip.

Every motorcyclist needs to have a collection of some essentials. If you wish to give your loved one a gift that is practical and thoughtful at the same time, follow this list to make them feel special. These gifts will let them know that you not only love them but also, respect the passion that they have for motorcycles. There are the things that either come handy while facing a bike-related problem or show your support towards the motorcyclist’s passion.


One cannot emphasize enough on the need for a helmet while riding any two-wheelers. However, ‘heavier than thou’ helmets often take away the joy and comfort of riding a motorcycle. Get your loved one a cool and comfortable helmet that will not only look good every time they steal a glance at themselves in the mirror but also make their ride a comfortable one. You can also buy a range of cool helmets that they can change every other day while riding their motorcycle. In order to get a more personalized touch, you can get a customized helmet.

Biking Gear


One piece of motorcycle gear every motorcyclist will buy after a helmet is a pair of gloves. However, the same pair of gloves cannot function in both summers and winters. They become a necessity in regions where the climate is colder and provides protection from harsh sun rays in warm temperatures. Find out if your motorcyclist has a funky pair of gloves for both summers and winters. A thermal liner set is also something that you can gift your loved one that will keep their fingers toasty warm as they go for a ride without giving two hoots about the harsh weather outside.


A drool-worthy biker’s jacket is something everyone secretly wishes for. If your loved one is a motorcyclist, gift them a cool biker’s jacket that will not only make them look dashing as they zoom past everybody else, but also keep them warm like the hug of a loved one.


One of the essentials of a motorcyclist’s gear is a pair of boots. Gift your loved one a pair of boots that will not only help them grip onto the vehicle or rough terrains but also keep their feet comfortably warm.

Motorcycle cleaning kit

A cleaning kit is something that your motorcyclist will have anyway. However, you can always help them add to their collection. However, make sure to always have a look at all the products, and look for brands that your motorcyclist might like to try. Every motorcyclist has a firm product preference. It is always a great idea to cross check with the products that they might already be using before buying new ones.

Pay off the first installment

One of the best gifts for a motorcycle enthusiast who is planning to or has recently bought a new motorcycle is to pay off his first instalment. Like every other product which can be seen as an investment, a motorcycle is a huge investment and an asset for a motorcyclist. This will not only encourage them to take extra care of their big machine but also make you a partner in their escapades on the two-wheeler.

Cast Models and Posters

Every motorcyclist is attached to their big machines. Getting them a cast model of the motorcycle they already own or wish to own sometime in the near future is a great idea. You can check out the toymaker Maisto. They have amazing models that are well made. You can also get your motorcyclist a poster of their dream bike, just order it online.

Memberships of motorbike associations

This is something that your motorcyclist will always remember you for. A membership in a biker’s club or an association will not only allow them to interact with people with common interests and learn new things, techniques and tricks but also enlarge their social circle. A passion without people to share it with makes the whole exercise futile. Gift your loved one a membership.

Repair kit

This is one of the most useful gifts for a motorcyclist and also something that most often, every motorcyclist invests in right at the beginning of his affair with the big machines. You can always add something to the repair kit by buying better alternatives for the products that your motorcyclist already has. However, if this gift is a surprise, make sure to consult somebody who is good with their knowledge about motorcycles to find products that will work best.


It is true that only eyes can capture nature in its purest form. However, every motorcyclist and their peers and loved ones would want to relive their experiences and adventures. Gifting your motorcyclist a camera will make them record every amazing adventure. the GoPro Professional-grade full HD video camera could be a great gift option. With over 60 frames per second option in 720p, it is a high-end solution and has some wonderful features that capture everything in view.

Bluetooth headset/intercom

Every motorcyclist enjoys long road trips with their friends. Sena Intercom and Headset is an ideal gift option for your motorcyclist. One can share music in a long range that almost reaches up to 1,000 yards. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to listen to, share music, make calls, speed dial and have a four-way intercom conversation while you’re on a long road trip with your friends.


Gift your motorcyclist a FastPack. One of the major drawbacks about a motorcycle is the lack of storage space. On long road trips, this can prove to be a major issue. The FastPack holds enough for an overnight change, a jacket and some munchies. This can be easily attached to the passenger seat and your motorcyclist will now stop whining and complaining about how there is never enough space about carrying those extra riding gear.

Smartphone Mount

A dilemma every motorcyclist faces is where to keep their phones. Ideally using your phone while driving or riding is never the best idea; however, with the rise of smartphones, phones are not simply for communicating anymore. They also help us navigate. Gift your motorcyclist a Smartphone mount so that they can also use their smartphones for navigation as they ride their bikes.

Self-defence tool

If your motorcyclist rides through a rough area on his way to work it’d be pretty useful to gift him something to defend himself and his precious bike from thieves. A knife wouldn’t be a good choice, just consider this – a guy tries to take your bike, you pull your knife and then he pulls his. Now you are in a knife fight.. with no training. A gun is a little bit too much and not everybody lives in the USA where you can buy a gun right of the street, and duh, you can’t take a gun to work. The pepper spray or a stun gun are the best choices since you can just blind the attacker before he gets close enough to your bike, and even if he does a stun gun is going to stop him immediately. Remember to read about stun gun laws in your country before you consider buying it because your motorcyclist could get into serious trouble, even if it really was a true self-defence act with witnesses. The same goes for pepper sprays. But nevertheless, motorcyclists are more vulnerable than car drivers to acts of violence, so a gift like that could possibly even save a life.

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